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Krebs Illustrationsstudio

Lothar + Natascha Krebs

Im Heegholz 10 A
63517 Rodenbach
Tel.: +49 (0)6184 952457


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Who ever copies or fakes our unique artificial teamartwork concepts or markets copies or fakes under false names will not only be criminally prosecuted under German and International Copyright laws but shows himself off as a real ridicule person who needs to steal other people‘s ideas. 

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are original ideas of the artists

Lothar Krebs und GAX Axel Gundlach


„The Swarm“ 2005/2011 ©GAX Axel Gundlach
"CreativeChaosConstruction" 2005/2011  ©GAX Axel Gundlach


E.M.A. Event Model Army 1989/2011 ©GAX Axel Gundlach




co. GAX Axel Gundlach

+49 69 46996111




step 1:
Call us! create great symbols and structures with the help of KrAX to visualize your most important messages and make them become a piece of art of great value!

step 2:
involve your target group in an entertaining creative interactive process to let everybody become part of your message!


step 3:

add a unique emotion with the surprising presentation of the fascinating piece of art that was created by your team and enjoy the instant feeling of corporation at its best! 


step 4:

connect your message with the deep emotion and make your content truly unforgettable for a very long time!


step 5:

own a really meaningful piece of art and use the big pictures and artworx as permanent exhibits and follow-ups to always represent your messages in your target groups!


5 steps to your best event ever
5 steps to your best event ever