... once they have experienced our art happenings:


"It's amazing. I was wondering what will happen with the pictures but I could have never imagined this result. I love it!"

A participant


"This is probably the most impressive painting I have ever seen ... and we are all complete laymen. How do you do this?"

A sales manager


"You KrAX-guys could sell better: you've been talking about the intelligent process but in the end it's pure emotion in exactly the way every company needs."

A chairman


"Never ever I had an interactive event like this. The spectacular outcome has helped me very much with my bosses. They love it!"

An internal event manager


"This is a trick. This is definitely not what we have painted!"

"No no, look here, there is the pink animal that you have painted.
I have seen you doing it, didn't you!"

"Oh yes, that's true, that's mine ... but look at the whole picture; it's perfect - this must be a trick!"

Dialogue between two chairmen of the board of a big insurance company


"It's fantastic! All our VIP guests have asked my bosses for a reprint of the painting for their offices!"

A happy event manager


"I can't take my eyes of it. This is how gods must look at our world - it's all there at the same time, every individual with his feelings and expressions melted into the one beautiful picture that we normally can't see!"

A participant constantly looking at the PPP for more than two hours while the party was going wild around him


"I have to thank you. In school I have never understood my art teacher when he talked about the deep meaning of a painting -
now I know what he was talking about!"

A production manager of an international company


"That was the best workshop we ever did in twenty years."

A participant 


"We used to send little follow-ups after all our events, but when we had this reprints on canvas sent out we got back very heartily letters of thanks from nearly every single employee that took part in the event. And we never had that before ..."

An corporate event manager from England


"My colleagues and me had so much fun painting together we almost forgot this is a workshop not a party!"

A participant during the painting phase in Lisboa


"That was maybe the most expensive team workshop we ever did but it was as well probably the only one that was worth every single penny!"

A chief controller of an international company after having a KrAXWORX happening with his 200 worldwide controllers


"You know I am a very rational person and when you talked me into this art happening thing I didn't believe a word of what you have said about its effects. So I'm still a very rational person but I have to confess - this really thrills even me!"

A sceptic CEO talking to GAX after the unveiling


"I have never seen something like that - but I am very happy to see it for if someone had told me I wouldn't believe!"

A marketing director after unveiling of a giant PPP (26 x 8 meter)


"I ... ah ... I ... don't know what to say ... it's ... ah ... it's ..!"

A CEO during the unveiling of a giant PPP instantly forgetting his speech

"I have never seen my boss speechless like that!"

His secretary


"Don't take me wrong but this big painting is a shock to me. I have spent my life without any access to art and now I stand here and would like to cry - it's so beautiful!"

A participant 


"I really appreciate that you came by 10 years after the event to look after the painting. Since it's been hanging here in the lobby thousands of visitors have asked us about the PPP and we had the chance to tell the story and values of our company in a very sympathetic way."

A facility manager


"Hey guys, come take look at these professionals, the pick up every single screw and leave the place totally clean. That should be standard for you guys, too!"

The chief technician of a american company calling his team together while we were dismantling a PPP in the early morning


"Honestly said, my client didn't want to hang the PPP afterwords, but he just came to me and said that they will take off the expensive abstract art in the main entrance hall and have this picture hung there!"

A happy event agent


"This is our picture. If you dare to touch it you'll live to see a casino revolution!"

Employees of a bank defending their PPP with forks and knifes in their hands when some handymen came to take it away from their casino in favor of some paintings that the art department had bought


"We are thinking about covering the PPP with plexiglass so that our workers won't ruin it. You know they don't have a sense for art."

"You don't need a plexi cover. They will all have an eye on it!"

Dialogue between a facility manager and GAX after hanging four 8 x 8 meter PPP painted with the 1500 workers in the production hall in the Netherlands

"I just called to ask if anything happened to the PPP yet"

"No, nothing, not a single scratch. I guess you were right: they all love the picture!"

GAX calling the facility manager two years later 

"I have been working in this venue for over ten years now and I have never seen anything such professional and thrilling like this!"

A technical manager of a congress centre in Paris


co. GAX Axel Gundlach


+49 69 46996111




step 1:
Call us! create great symbols and structures with the help of KrAX to visualize your most important messages and make them become a piece of art of great value!

step 2:
involve your target group in an entertaining creative interactive process to let everybody become part of your message!


step 3:

add a unique emotion with the surprising presentation of the fascinating piece of art that was created by your team and enjoy the instant feeling of corporation at its best! 


step 4:

connect your message with the deep emotion and make your content truly unforgettable for a very long time!


step 5:

own a really meaningful piece of art and use the big pictures and artworx as permanent exhibits and follow-ups to always represent your messages in your target groups!


5 steps to your best event ever
5 steps to your best event ever